Neuro Node

Neuro Node is a software that runs a super node of Gonesis Neuro Net. It provides worldwide, permissionless, and high-availability AI agent services for users and developers.

Operating a Neuro Node can earn you $GAI and a share of the transaction fees on Neuro Net.

In overview, Neuro Node is:

  • L2 blockchain access node,

  • Runner of De-AI Agents workflow and API gateway,

  • Knowledge base services,

  • Network fixed income for incentives,

  • Share revenue with creators based on usage.


If you want to run a Neuro node, you need to

  • hold a Soul Chip as the license, or received delegation from other Soul Chip owners,

  • stake a certain mount of $GAI.

Note that operating an Access Node may result in forfeiture of staked $GAI due to unauthorized or malicious activities.

How to Access De-AI Agents in Neuro Net

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