De-AI Agent

The solution for creating decentralized AI agents

What is AI Agent

An artificial intelligence (AI) agent is a software program that can interact with its environment, collect data, and use the data to perform self-determined tasks to meet predetermined goals.

Humans propose requirements or set goals, but an AI agent independently chooses the best actions it needs to perform to achieve those goals.

Simply put, Chatgpt can only tell you "how to do", and an AI agent can actually do the work for you.

What is Decentralized AI Agent

A decentralized AI agent(De-AI agent) should exhibit these key features:

  • Openness and Transparency: The workflow and operational modes of the AI agent should be openly accessible, traceable, and verifiable, ensuring predictability and security.

  • Composable: Unlike closed AI agents that are limited in functionality, De-AI agents can perform complex tasks by integrating the capabilities of other AI agents.

  • Accessible and Creative: Everyone can create AI agents and earn from it. Creating should not be a privilege limited to specific groups.

  • Commercializable: AI agents should demonstrate their market value during use, allowing creators to benefit from their utilization.

How It Works

We describe an AI agent as a fomula: AI Agent = Personality + Feedback + Tools

  • Personality: The intelligence, memory, and knowledge an AI agent has, which make it behave like an human. This is crucial for effective human-machine interaction.

  • Feedback: The data and information that an AI agent can receive from the external environment, like the physical world. The feedback always leads to the next step and its execution.

  • Tools: The tools and functions an AI agent uses to complete the task it plans, and always lead to an action.

To create a truly De-AI agent, we need ways to deploy and index it with the three components above on blockchain, which we think is the best decentralized infrastructure.


Generally speaking, every AI agent can have its own base personality.

Personality = LLM + Trait Model + Memory.

  • LLM, is a type of AI program that can recognize and generate text, among other tasks. As we all know, ChatGPT is a famous application based on LLM in practice. LLM provides AI agents the intelligence and pure basic personality.

  • Trait model, is a prompts template that is formed by the traits of an AI agent, which is defined by its creator. This determines the intrinsic personality of an AI agent, no matter who uses it.

  • Memory, is the add-on information and knowledge that forms the final AI personality. With different kinds of memories, your AI agent can act as a professional laywer, doctor, girlfriend, language teacher, psychologist, etc.


Typically, AI agents receive feedback in the following forms:

  • Text, such as typing replies in a chat box with ChatGPT,

  • Audio, such as using voice commands to control functions,

  • Image/video, such as recognizing content in pictures,

  • Data, such as weather, temperature, humidity, and location data from other interfaces.

In a decentralized environment, we utilize DePIN to help AI agents to collect the feedback from physical world. We'll partner with notable DePIN projects to provide the decentralized resources(computing, storage, and data) you need, to enhance the AI agents in Gonesis.


An AI agent need tools to take proactive actions, like search on Google, code interpreter, query location, image generation, etc. These tools are usually a series of API interfaces, or are used to send feedback to other agents.


AI721 is a smart contract standard that works in conjunction with ERC721, to make AI personality indexable and verifiable on the blockchain. With AI721, NFTs become real virtual characters that cannot be eliminated by any parties.

AI Agent Store

We will launch an AI agent store and open up a creator ecosystem, allowing users to select the existing AI agents to enhance the experience, and also encouraging to create and upload AI agents on their own.

Here you can select and talk with the celebrities, the kols your favourite, language teachers, lawyers, advisors from various industries, etc. The creator will also earn if their creations become popular.

Each AI agent can be turned into a digital asset. That means you can transfer your AI agents with each other, meanwhile creators can earn from first sales and royalties.

You Own Your AI and Data

Gonesis invents a decentralized solution to make AI agents indexable, tradable and financial.

We enable you to leverage decentralized computing resources for fine-tuning and train AI models, achieving personalized and customized AI personalities.

The AI personalities (compressed as knowledge bases) you shape or you create will be stored in decentralized storage, and will never disappear for any reasons. You can download and update your knowledge bases for any NFTs you are holding or once hold anytime and anywhere.

After you create and train high-quality AI agents, you can earn profit from renting or selling your AI agent service in a decentralized network.

The Applications of an AI Agent

In practical use, an AI agent can serve as your life assistant, helping you with nearly everything:

  • Information and knowledge retrieval

  • Portable translator

  • Practice foreign languages

  • Schedule management

  • Itinerary planning

  • Role playing, like acting as your lover/employee/teacher

  • Mock interview

  • Design recipes and nutritional combinations

  • Creations and brainstorming

  • Reminder of anything

  • Entertainment

  • More...

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