By leveraging blockchain, cryptography, LLMs, and edge computing technologies, Neuro Net significantly enhances the security, efficiency, and scalability of AI agent services, in a decentralized environment.

Neuro Net is composed of the following key modules:

  • AIDA(AI Data Availability) Layer: Ensures the availability of AI agents by providing robust services for querying, managing, and using AI Agents, as well as offering scalability and composability.

  • L2 Blockchain: Used for deploying and running decentralized AI applications(AI-Dapps), and provides crypto-native capabilities like smart contracts (compatible with EVM, SVM) and oracles.

  • AI Agent Creator Platform: Provides tools for AI Agent creators, including development tools and deployment toolchains. We will also integrate existing AI agent tools such as,, langchain, etc.

  • DePIN Connector: Natively integrates with DePIN, allowing decentralized access to external data interfaces to gather various forms of external feedback.

    • Storage Module: Offers storage facilities supporting SQL, NoSQL, vector databases, Filecoin, Arweave, etc, which can be used for external knowledge bases and memories.

    • Computing Power Module: Integrates existing decentralized computational power networks such as and Aethir, and supports efficient and economical model training, fine-tuning, and inference.

    • Physical Data Module: Integrates with real-time physical data sources such as temperature, acceleration, location, and health metrics, allowing AI agents to interact and respond dynamically.

  • Knowledge Base: Provides high reliablity, unlimited external knowledge base extensions for AI agents, with privacy protection.

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