AI Creator Platform


For those products that provide creation tools to obchestrate AI agents for creators, we name them AI Creator Platforms.

Gonesis is an open ecosystem. We allow creators to utilize existing open-source AI agents development tools like and crewAI, to create and orchestrate new AI agents.

Additionally, Gonesis will also launch G-AOS, an open-source AI agents orchestration studio. It enables those users without programming skills to create powerful AI agents.


The Creator Platforms that support Neuro Net MUST meet the following requirements:

  • Standardization: Able to import/export AI agents in a format that complies with the AI721 standard (primarily workflows), and deploy as a digital asset in Neuro Net.

  • Privacy Protection: Enable encryption and access control for knowledge bases, and API support for external private knowledge bases.

    • Only the creator of the knowledge base can grant access permissions.

  • Open-source: Making the source code transparent is fundamental to preventing malicious actions.

Creator Economy

As a creator, you can benefit from creating high-quality AI agents that attract many application developers. This encourages a culture of shared learning and friendly competition among creators, fostering diversity in AI agents.

Creators can also choose from various AI creator platforms compatible with AI721. This encourages platforms to compete by offering better creative experiences and more attractive pricing to win over creators.

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Creator Economy

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