Gonesis Neuro Net


Gonesis Neuro Net is an AI-DA(AI data availability) layer and app chain for decentralized AI agents. It's also the first network that

The vision of Neuro Net is to become:

  • ths most used gateway to access billions of various AI agents,

  • the world's largest decentralized AI agents store,

  • the world's most active and healthy AI creator economy.

Why We Need Neuro Net?

The current AI agents platforms, while efficient and powerful, come with several notable disadvantages that can impact security, availability, and the potential for malicious actions.

  1. Security Vulnerabilities: Centralized AI systems are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks. A single breach can expose extensive sensitive information and diminish user trust.

  2. Single Points of Failure: These systems rely on a few servers or data centers, creating single points of failure. Any technical issue or power outage can render the entire system inoperative, leading to significant downtimes.

  3. Limited Scalability: As demand for AI services grows, centralized systems can struggle to scale efficiently, causing bottlenecks and slower response times, which degrade user experience.

  4. Potential for Misuse: The control of centralized AI poses a risk of unethical misuse, including mass surveillance, data manipulation, and biased decision-making, due to the concentration of power.

  5. Privacy Concerns: Centralized AI stores user data in large databases, raising privacy concerns. Users have limited control, making these systems prone to surveillance and data requests.

In the coming years, billions of AI agents will be created to solve a wide range of problems. To facilitate their deployment, management, and access at this scale without the aforementioned disadvantages, we need to build a decentralized infrastructure that provides permissionless, reliable and secure access services to all AI agents, ensuring authorization and privacy protection.

That's why Gonesis Neuro Net was created.

What Neuro Net Provides?

Neuro Net will provide the following services:

  • Access services for AI agents that are barrier-free and accessible to everyone.

  • Creation, deployment and management of AI agents on a decentralized platform.

  • Connect with DePIN natively, to support AI agents using decentralized computing and storage resources, as well as interfaces for accessing data from the physical world.

  • Allow developers to integrate AI agents in Dapps, ensuring security and availability, and enabling the composability of AI agents.

  • On-Chain AI Oracle, provides secure and verifiable data feeds from AI agent to blockchain networks.

What Neuro Net Means to Developers?

  • Effortless Integration: Integrate diverse and high-quality AI agents into your applications on demand easily and affordably, without worrying about the complexities of their implementation.

  • Composable Reuse: No need to repeatedly create and manage similar AI agents for different applications. Reuse well-tested AI agents from real-world applications directly.

  • Cost-effective:AI agents of varying quality will have different prices, ensuring fair and transparent pricing determined by market dynamics.

  • Scalability and Reliability: Freely scalable as needed. Enhance your AI applications without the risk of centralized failures making AI modules unusable.

What Neuro Net Means to Creators?

  • Profitable: Earn from creating high-quality AI agents; AI agent creators will become the next high-paying job.

  • More Creative: Leverage existing AI agents to create new ones, enabling composability and self-improvement.

  • Fair Competition: A more transparent market screening mechanism allows easier identification of AI market opportunities, and prevents ineffective and duplicate creations.

  • Positive Loop: A positive cycle: more AI creators, a richer ecosystem, more users, and a more prosperous economy.

What Neuro Net Means to Consumers?

Gonesis Neuro Net is opening up a new era of accessible and democratized AI. Consumers can use various AI agents to meet their needs without the usual complexities of centralized platforms. Benefits include:

  • 24/7 AI Agent Access: Consumers can use AI services directly worldwide, which cuts costs and increases the speed of service.

  • Better Privacy and Security: By spreading out data storage and processing, Neuro Net reduces the risks of data breaches and privacy issues that are more common in centralized systems.

  • Customizable AI Experiences: The marketplace offers a wide range of AI agents, so consumers can pick solutions that are just right for their needs, increasing satisfaction and effectiveness.

  • Involvement in AI Development: Consumers can influence AI development by providing feedback and participating in training, leading to more personalized and useful AI agents.

  • New Economic Opportunities: As the ecosystem grows, consumers can also become creators, contributing to the platform and potentially earning from their contributions.

Gonesis Neuro Net isn’t just a platform with blockchain technology—it’s a transformative ecosystem that reshapes how AI technologies are accessed, developed, and used.

It’s paving the way for a future where high-quality AI tools are available to everyone, fostering innovation and economic growth across the digital landscape.

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