Talk-to-Earn & Token Model

Talk with PFP NFT

At the early stage of Gonesis Chat, users can only talk with PFP NFT they own. If you don't have a PFP NFT, you can just acquire one from NFT marketplace like OpenSea and NFTGo, or rent from other owners.

In other words, PFP is a virtual miner, and talking is the process of mining for $GAI.

But we may also consider removing this requirement in the future.

Dual Token Model

Gonesis uses a dual-token model with $SPK as the utility token and $GAI as the governance token.

  • $SPK: The utility tokens, with an unlimited supply. Only earned through talk-to-earn and consumed in Gonesis Chat.

  • $GAI: The native and governance token of Gonesis ecosystem, with a fixed supply. $GAI is earned by investing SPK and competing in the reward pool.

Talk to Earn $SPK

Consume energy to earn $SPK through PFP conversations.

  • 1 energy point = 1 message.

  • Each message earns $SPK at a defined rate determined by the PFP you interact with.

  • The reward of each message is divided into two parts:

    • Basic Reward: Each energy-consuming conversation earns $SPK, boosted by the PFP's Quality and Level (Check PFP Attributes).

    • Technical Bonus: High-quality or valuable chats with PFP sometimes bring extra $SPK rewards. Try to trigger more bonus in your conversations!

Using $SPK to win $GAI

$GAI Reward Pool

The $GAI pool is the main way to earn $GAI through $SPK competition.

  • Users can invest $SPK to compete for the daily $GAI reward pool; invested $SPK will be burned.

  • $GAI earned depends on the user's SPK investment proportion in the pool each round.

  • The $GAI pool refreshes daily.

Utilities of $GAI

$GAI also has a range of utilities in Gonesis Chat:

  • The fee for upgrading PFP's Quality.

  • The fee for renting PFP

  • The fee for creating or customizing AI agent.

  • The fee for using an AI agent through Neuro Net.

  • More features coming soon...

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