PFP Attributes


Energy is the points consumed in the talk-to-earn process.

  • 1 energy point = 1 message

  • Energy is recorded under the user's address.

  • Energy recovers over time, fully refilling every 24 hours.

  • Energy is influenced by the number and quality of PFPs held.


The base mining quality of PFP determined by its traits.

  • Each PFP under the user's address contributes to the total daily energy.

  • The quality of PFPs used as talk-to-earn miner affects $SPK earning efficiency.


PFP mining level, starting at level 0.

  • Levels are tied to PFPs and remain when traded.

  • Consume $SPK to upgrade PFP levels, boost mining efficiency, and secure a long-term earning advantage.


PFPs have a spirit attribute that depletes during conversations and requires rest to recover when exhausted.

  • Each PFP has spirit. Consuming 1 point of energy for a conversation also consumes 1 point of the PFP's spirit.

  • When a PFP's spirit reaches 0, it enters a "Dormant" state and cannot be used for talk-to-earn.

  • In the Dormant state, the PFP's spirit gradually recovers over time and exits Dormant when fully restored.

  • A dormant PFP can quickly recharge using methods like consuming $GAI.

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