IP & Worldview

AI-based IP Brand

Gonesis is also an IP incubator with AI features.

We create unique worldviews, stories, characters and artworks to build our IP, to reduce the barrier to understanding NFTs, attract more people into Web3, and finally accelerate the mass adoption of Web3.

We launch NFT collections and other digital assets with AI technology, new protocols and narratives, in alignment with market trends, and make engaging with Web3 a wonderful experience.

Gonesis World

In this world, there are many regions with different styles, inhabited by people of all shapes and colors.

This time, we will focus on a group of 'travelers'. Guided by the Gonesis ring, they embark on their journeys.

The travelers' footsteps cover every corner of the world. They climb to the peaks of snow-capped mountains, dive to the depths of the sea, explore bustling towns, and traverse vast wildernesses.

Through the eyes of them, we will witness every wonderful story, and together experience the splendor and vastness of this fantasy world.


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